K.O.B.E (King of Basketball Entertainment)

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Say what you want about Kobe Bryant, no one can doubt his amazing skills on the court. You’d be a fool to doubt this 5 time NBA champion.  I mean this guy is the all-time leading scorer in Lakers’ franchise history, an Olympic Gold Medalist, regular season MVP, All-Star MVP and Finals MVP at least once in each MVP category. He’s second only to Wilt Chamberlain in scoring the most points in a single game, 81.

What makes the story even more sweet is that he is as dominate off the court as he is on it. Take for instance his most recent business venture with Mercededs-Benz. In February 2011, Kobe Bryant signed a 3 year deal (for an undisclosed amount)  with the automobile juggernaut to promote its latest Smart micro cars throughout the Republic of China.

O but it get’s better. Although the Lakers were eliminated surprisingly and relatively early by the Dallas Mavericks, he still ended the season as the highest paid NBA player. $24.8 million dollars is what he earned – that’s $4 million dollars more than the next highest paid athlete in professional basketball. And here’s another interesting statistic about this Philadelphia native; he is the highest paid regular season MVP in the last decade.

O and did I tell you he signed a deal with Turkish Airlines? At this point I’m not even going to mention his insane contract with Nike and Nubeo. And just in case you thought he was all money and no heart, he’s got a charitable foundation in China too. It’s called the Kobe Bryant China Fund. In your face!

The Black Mamba don’t like that.

  1. Maine says:

    The man is one of the greatest to ever do it… hands down!!

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