G Series

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you’re the active type, you’ve heard dozens of fitness experts tell you about how important it is to warm up and cool down when engaging in serious physical activity. Nowadays the same thing applies to work-out consumables.

Gatorade, the sports drink company that started at the University of Florida in 1965, launched a G SERIES line of sports drinks that do more than hydrate you; it helps you to better recover after intense workouts too. This sounds like a bodybuilder telling you that you need tons of Creatine and protein after an intense strength training workout.

To make this more interesting Gatorade signed Kevin Durant back in 2007 while developing the G SERIES line.

Now his G SERIES¬†advertisements have become the most frequently viewed among all G SERIES commercials. Or maybe it’s because the basketball season is about to end.


Either way there’s a Gatorade that you drink before, during and after you’re drenched in sweat. Thirsty?


  1. darius says:

    I understand the importance of recovery consumables, but someone has to do something about the taste. The R&D departments at these organizations need to focus more on that and then I’m all in.

    • Anna says:

      So what do you propose? Apparently Gatorade’s logic is that low sugar means low calories and moderate sodium helps to retain moisture in the body.

  2. marcellus7 says:

    What do you think Darius?

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